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Here are some of Hempworx most popular products. 

More options than these are available as well including pet products, skin care products, and hemp coffee!

Full Spectrum Oils

(40 BV) starting from
Try the CBD oils that everyone is talking about.

Our premium oils are available in three concentrations and three delicious flavors.

We use a CO2 extraction process with Industrial Hemp grown on American Farms.

Every batch we produce has a certificate of analysis so you can be confident that what's on our label is in our bottle!

Spray Value Pack

(50 BV) Builder Pack
Choose 3 items of the six available sprays when buying this pack!
Available choices:




Trim 365



Hempworx Director Pack

(100 BV) from
Choose 4 items when selecting this pack!
Available choices:




CBD oils in peppermint, natural, or cinnamon flavors

CBD Dog treats, and hemp coffee!

What to expect cost-wise when shopping HempWorx

Here is a basic breakdown of prices to expect when shopping HempWorx products.  Search the full site for more information, but here are some useful things to know.   All products, of course, are of fantastic quality and stand up well when compared to the competition available in the market today. 

HempWorx product prices range from $29 Body Lotion and Nutritional Sprays up to $599 for the HempWorx Executive Pack. 

THC-Free CBD Tinctures start from $69 and are of the highest available quality. 

Relief topical cream with CBD and Emu Oil starts at $69 as well.   Renew and Revive skin products are also in this price range, starting at $69.

The HempWorx Hair Mask product starts at $69, but you can pickup the shampoo or conditioner products for only $39 each.

Quality is number one, and this even extends to the pets products line which includes CDB Pet Oil, and Dog Treats, both $39.

Bath bombs start at $49.00.

Coffee products and CBD-infused gummies also start from the $69 price range.  This category includes Keto Coffee Creamer (three flavors available).

As you can see, you can pickup HempWorx products for as little as $29, but most of the more popular items come in at the $69 price point.

HempWorx products are made from industrial hemp plants grown on Kentucky farms.
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